Verification of visco elastic behavior of water networks, identifying losses and pressure testing of the final operating conditions.

Pressure tests on pipelines.
Pressure tests on pipelines.


Pressure tests on pipelines.
Pressure tests on pipelines.

Through the manhole with rotating camera it is possible to inspect in detail the joints in the pipes. It allows diagnosing possible anomalies or other damages, which in this way are more easily detectable preventing future cleaning, reconstruction and rehabilitation interventions.

  • Assessment of the state and quality of construction or conservation of sewage systems.
  • Provides film in Mpeg format, photos in Jpeg format, preparation of report in PDF containing the exact distance of all the points commented.
  • It provides a slope graph for the detection of anomalies in the piping laying, which causes the liquid blade to become entangled or damped.
  • Video Inspection Diagnostics.
  • Video inspections in wastewater, rainwater, consumer pipes as well as in water tanks and reservoirs.


Monitoring of video inspection in conduits.
Display of video inspection in ducts.


Display of video inspection in ducts.
Display of video inspection in ducts.

Cleaning and biological disinfection works of structures.

a) Disinfection of water tanks in use
Perform cleaning and non-aggressive chemical disinfection works of drinking water tanks which are in operation and require periodic maintenance.

b) Disinfection of new water tank
Cleaning and non-aggressive chemical disinfection for drinking water tanks before its first use.

c) Pipelines disinfection
Perform cleaning and disinfection in non-aggressive chemical pipelines and distribution networks.

d) Diagnostics for video inspection
Video inspections in wastewater, stormwater pipes, as well as in consumer deposits and water tanks. This allows to detect anomalies that are not visible otherwise.

e) Portable tanks disinfection
Disinfection work of portable tanks.

Application of descaling and disinfectant.
Application of descaling and disinfectant.


Application of descaling and disinfectant.
Application of descaling and disinfectant.


Washing portable tanks.
Cleaning and disinfection of organs.


Video inspection in pipelines.
Video inspection in pipelines.


a) Supply systems
We will project, supply and assemble all the electrical and electromechanical equipment.
Water supply pumping stations and pumping of Effluent Waters.

b) Treatment systems with sodium hypochlorite

  • Filtration, using filters with mixed beds with automatic or manual valves;
  • Ultrafiltration;
  • Reverse osmosis;
  • Ultraviolet systems.
    All our treatment systems can be installed in areas without electric power supply being powered by photovoltaic panels or via generator.

c) Effluent Treatment Systems

  • Effluent treatment systems;
  •  WWTP;
  • Compact WWTP.

d) Pools
Project, supply, install and execute the maintenance of all equipment of swimming pools.

e) Maintenance of systems
Ensure the project, installation and maintenance of water treatment systems and water supply.
We have a multidiscliplinar team able to ensure the best techniques of preventive maintenance.

Effluent waters treatment plant.
Compact effluent treatment plant.
Pumping stations for water supply.
Water treatment system composed of ultra filtration and reverse osmosis system.
Potable water treatment plant.
Technical assistance for the maintenance and control of the pool water treatment system.

a) Injections by polyurethane (for sealing water in any type of concrete structure):

  • Sealing of cracks in concrete reservoirs (buried or high);
  • Sealing of manholes, chambers for lifts and pipelines;
  • Repair of infiltrations on buried walls;
  • Repair of infiltrations in special foundations (diaphragm walls and curtains of piles).

b) Injections by gel, which should be placed behind the structure and percolate the soils/concrete interface. The acrylic gel injection aims to protect the concrete structure:

  • Consolidation of soils;
  • Repair of infiltration in underground structures.

c) Epoxy injections
This is a process of structural rehabilitation of reinforced concrete buildings using structural repair epoxy resins for replacement of the mechanical properties of damaged structural elements, such as beams, columns, slabs, foundations, bridges, tunnels.

d) Microciment injections
This type of injections allows the rehabilitation of concrete structures showing cracks and can be applied in different situations:

  • Stabilization of granular pavement layers;
  • Cracks in general;
  • Differential slope of floors and pavements;
  • Protective sheaths;
  • Filling voids in general;
  • Consolidation of soil and rock masses.
Injections of polyuréthane.
Injections of polyuréthane.


Gel injection for soil consolidation.
Injection resins tower water outlet.

We execute special drilling services in structures, ranging from masonry to the reinforced concrete, for such we utilize hand-held diamond rotary, of high technology and performance to avoid possible impacts, cracks, vibration and dust production.

Execution of drilling in reinforced concrete slabs.


We have the technical expertise and experience to perform various types of structural reinforcements and rehabilitations, namely carbon laminates:

  • Structural reinforcements of reinforced concrete elements, using carbon laminates, fixed with epoxy resins, in slabs, beams, columns, etc.



More than satisfy, we want to surprise our clients. With rigorous quality standards. We rehabilitate and waterproof various types of structures:

  • Reservoirs;
  • We operate in all kind of organs of a water treatment plant;
  • Ornamental fountains;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Structures, primarily in concrete;
  • Dams.

The success which we conclude demanding projects is the best proof of our competence.

Treatment of concrete and waterproofing.
Treatment of concrete and waterproofing of potable water reservoir.
Dam tunnel.