What we do

  • Pressure tests on pipelines

    Verification of visco elastic behavior of water networks, identifying losses and pressure testing of the final operating conditions.  

  • Video inspection in residual water collectors, pluvial conduits and manhole

    Through the manhole with rotating camera it is possible to inspect in detail the joints in the pipes. It allows diagnosing possible anomalies or other damages, which in this way are more easily detectable preventing future cleaning, reconstruction… Saiba Mais

  • Disinfection

    Cleaning and biological disinfection works of structures. a) Disinfection of water tanks in use Perform cleaning and non-aggressive chemical disinfection works of drinking water tanks which are in operation and require periodic maintenance. b) Disinfection of new water… Saiba Mais

  • Supply, project’s, installation and maintenance of water supplies and water treatment

    a) Supply systems We will project, supply and assemble all the electrical and electromechanical equipment. Water supply pumping stations and pumping of Effluent Waters. b) Treatment systems with sodium hypochlorite Filtration, using filters with mixed beds with automatic… Saiba Mais

  • Repair and sealing systems by injection

    a) Injections by polyurethane (for sealing water in any type of concrete structure): Sealing of cracks in concrete reservoirs (buried or high); Sealing of manholes, chambers for lifts and pipelines; Repair of infiltrations on buried walls; Repair of… Saiba Mais

  • Execution of core drilling in reinforced concrete slabs

    We execute special drilling services in structures, ranging from masonry to the reinforced concrete, for such we utilize hand-held diamond rotary, of high technology and performance to avoid possible impacts, cracks, vibration and dust production.  

  • Structural reinforcement with carbon fibers

    We have the technical expertise and experience to perform various types of structural reinforcements and rehabilitations, namely carbon laminates: Structural reinforcements of reinforced concrete elements, using carbon laminates, fixed with epoxy resins, in slabs, beams, columns, etc.  

  • Rehabilitation and waterproofing of structures

    More than satisfy, we want to surprise our clients. With rigorous quality standards. We rehabilitate and waterproof various types of structures: Reservoirs; We operate in all kind of organs of a water treatment plant; Ornamental fountains; Swimming pools;… Saiba Mais