Repair and sealing systems by injection

a) Injections by polyurethane (for sealing water in any type of concrete structure):

  • Sealing of cracks in concrete reservoirs (buried or high);
  • Sealing of manholes, chambers for lifts and pipelines;
  • Repair of infiltrations on buried walls;
  • Repair of infiltrations in special foundations (diaphragm walls and curtains of piles).

b) Injections by gel, which should be placed behind the structure and percolate the soils/concrete interface. The acrylic gel injection aims to protect the concrete structure:

  • Consolidation of soils;
  • Repair of infiltration in underground structures.

c) Epoxy injections
This is a process of structural rehabilitation of reinforced concrete buildings using structural repair epoxy resins for replacement of the mechanical properties of damaged structural elements, such as beams, columns, slabs, foundations, bridges, tunnels.

d) Microciment injections
This type of injections allows the rehabilitation of concrete structures showing cracks and can be applied in different situations:

  • Stabilization of granular pavement layers;
  • Cracks in general;
  • Differential slope of floors and pavements;
  • Protective sheaths;
  • Filling voids in general;
  • Consolidation of soil and rock masses.
Injections of polyuréthane.
Injections of polyuréthane.


Gel injection for soil consolidation.
Injection resins tower water outlet.