Supply, project’s, installation and maintenance of water supplies and water treatment

a) Supply systems
We will project, supply and assemble all the electrical and electromechanical equipment.
Water supply pumping stations and pumping of Effluent Waters.

b) Treatment systems with sodium hypochlorite

  • Filtration, using filters with mixed beds with automatic or manual valves;
  • Ultrafiltration;
  • Reverse osmosis;
  • Ultraviolet systems.
    All our treatment systems can be installed in areas without electric power supply being powered by photovoltaic panels or via generator.

c) Effluent Treatment Systems

  • Effluent treatment systems;
  •  WWTP;
  • Compact WWTP.

d) Pools
Project, supply, install and execute the maintenance of all equipment of swimming pools.

e) Maintenance of systems
Ensure the project, installation and maintenance of water treatment systems and water supply.
We have a multidiscliplinar team able to ensure the best techniques of preventive maintenance.

Effluent waters treatment plant.
Compact effluent treatment plant.
Pumping stations for water supply.
Water treatment system composed of ultra filtration and reverse osmosis system.
Potable water treatment plant.
Technical assistance for the maintenance and control of the pool water treatment system.