Video inspection in residual water collectors, pluvial conduits and manhole

Through the manhole with rotating camera it is possible to inspect in detail the joints in the pipes. It allows diagnosing possible anomalies or other damages, which in this way are more easily detectable preventing future cleaning, reconstruction and rehabilitation interventions.

  • Assessment of the state and quality of construction or conservation of sewage systems.
  • Provides film in Mpeg format, photos in Jpeg format, preparation of report in PDF containing the exact distance of all the points commented.
  • It provides a slope graph for the detection of anomalies in the piping laying, which causes the liquid blade to become entangled or damped.
  • Video Inspection Diagnostics.
  • Video inspections in wastewater, rainwater, consumer pipes as well as in water tanks and reservoirs.


Monitoring of video inspection in conduits.
Display of video inspection in ducts.


Display of video inspection in ducts.
Display of video inspection in ducts.