Qualified team

We have 20 years of accumulated experience in this sector. The knowledge and experience of a highly qualified team will be important factors of differentiation in these market, placed at the service of our customers.
We have a multifaceted technical team. We are able to respond to all challenges in a timely manner, guaranteeing a specialized professional service. Our team is composed not only by experienced managers with knowledge of the current and future needs of the market but also by engineers with a background in special waterproofing, rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, water supply systems and industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, disinfection, among others.

All works are coordinated by a technician with a background in engineering and carried out by teams composed of supervisors and specialized technical training and operating with proven experience in different areas.

We have an active network of partners and customers. For an experience of success is crucial to the ecosystem of partnerships that we have created with other companies, manufacturers, suppliers and designers. To our customers, we assure total quality control in the execution of our work. We are focused on ensuring the confidence and satisfaction of all of them. Our most important asset is people. So, we invest on the permanent value of our employees and the quality of the work environment. We promote, on a scheduled and regular bases, continuous training of our staff and we are permanently following the evolution of the industry, instructing techniques and innovative knowledge to our technicians.